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Place Markets for Betting Exchanges – Wise up and Win Recommend Article

How to Use the Betting Exchange Place Markets to Your Advantage


I introduced you to the Betting Exchange concept in article 1.
We have explained the basics of LAY Sbobet Online Betting (Lay to Win). You are now in
In this article, I will introduce you to an additional and unique.
Place Markets are a powerful feature of betting exchanges.

What are Betting Exchange Place Markets (BETX)?

Place markets, as their name implies, are markets that allow you to sell your goods or services.
To place a bet on a selection. Eg. A horse that finishes 1st.
2nd or 3rd place in an 8-runner field or larger.

The first and most important point to emphasize here is
These place markets are totally different from the well
Traditional betting markets that offer known each way (EW) bets
bookmakers. The Each Way bet actually consists of 2 wagers with equal stakes.
The selection to win is the first stake, and the second is it.
To be placed. A PS10 EW wager will run you PS20.

A single PS10 place bet placed on a Betting Exchange is one bet.
This will save you PS10. Your selection is complete if you are in
You win at a place and you smile.

Take a moment to think about this. How many times are you reminded of this?
You are certain that a horse is placed but not sure if you were.
It is confident it will win…

Traditional Every Way Betting

Consider the following example. The following example shows a horse called “Im gonna to be placed”.
This is also available for back at traditional bookmakers at 4/1
(5.0). It is very certain that it will finish in top 3.
a 10 runner field.

You have the option of a traditional bookmaker:

1) Place a win single and take a chance that it wins.
E.g. PS10 at 4/1

2) Place an EW wager on it. E.g. PS10 EW at 4.01 (5.0). Total
stakes PS20 Places will be awarded to you at 1/5 of the odds by the bookies
This E/W bet is based on the standard EW rules.
This equates to a horse that is available to be ridden at 5.0
To 1.8

The only way the above race can be profitable is now
If the horse wins. Both cases would result in a very generous payout.
It would make a nice profit. Option 1: You would make PS40 profit
Option 2: PS48 profit

But, if you were not sure, the horse finishes in 2nd
You can lose money in either the first or third option. Option 1
You will lose all of your stake money, so you are down PS10. With
Option 2, you will win PS8 on Place side of EW bet, but still
Lose PS2 overall because the win portion of the bet was a losing one.

Join The Betting Exchange Place Markets

The prices of the items will be determined by the example above.
You would likely see the Betting alongside the other horses in this race.
Exchanges that offer odds between 1.60 and 2.00 (evens), on this
horse being placed. Also, you can place your PS10 PLACE wager
Take a 1.8 figure and you will be able to collect PS8 profit (minus any commission) for as long as you like
The horse finishes first, second, or third. Only if the horse finishes 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
If you finish below the top 3, your PS10 stake will be forfeited.

I’m sure you have been stimulated by this and can see the benefits.
This is how you get power!

Combining this with a solid staking plan, and making a wise selection
It is possible to have long winning streaks.
These horses can be backed and placed on betting exchanges. These
Longer winning streaks are more important than the relatively short ones.
Short prices are available on selected items.

Place Market Notes

Here are some important facts about place markets

1) Place markets are not like the win markets on a betting exchange.
You can “In-Running” at the start of the race, but this is not true for the finish.
Bookies also offer traditional E/W betting options.

2) A race may be planned for 8 runners or more, but it can still be a number
Horses that are not able to run leave less than eight runners.
There are still 3 places that betting exchanges offer odds on. This is
Different to bookmakers, who in such cases adjust odds
The place payment is 1/5 to 1/4 of the win chances, but they are not a guaranteed amount.
Pay out for 2 places Reduced field of 5,6 or 7, runners
The betting exchanges offer a limited number of runners.
Place markets and payouts if the horse finishes first or second

3) You can place the equivalent of an E/W wager on the betting
Exchanges: Place a bet on either the win or lose market, and another bet
On the place market. The type of race and the location will determine the price.
You will find more in the market than you might think.
Value in terms of odds is greater than an E/W wager with a bookmaker.

Laying On The Placemarkets

As described in article 1, the ability of Laying a Selection is
Perhaps the most important aspect of betting exchanges.
Now you can Lay selections. You can now Lay selections to be placed.
In other words, you must have a reason to believe that the aforementioned.
Selection will not end in a particular place. Lay it to Lose.
Bet exchange. The beauty of lying on the spot
Markets are that the odds of success are always lower than the odds
Your lay liabilities will be much lower if you have a better chance of winning.

Trading on the Place Markets

Because the prices of the place market are lower than the win,
They are also a great place for learning the skill, as they offer market prices
You can trade without putting too much at risk! Betting Exchange
Trading is simply the act of placing bets on price movements.
guaranteed profits. E.g. E.g.
Later at 3.0 for a risk-free bet or guaranteed profit
You can be proud of the result!

Future articles will cover in depth the topic of betting exchange trading
Bet article


You should include place markets in your betting arsenal.
These offer the opportunity to make money often and for a long time.
winning streaks being very common. This will help you build your credibility.
Your confidence is as important as your betting bank!

Bookie Every Way bets can be a good bet, but they are often poor.
Majority of races are in favor of the United States.
The bookmakers. They love punters placing EW bets.
Races are their bread and butter. A small number of
Proportion of races in which the market is structured in a particular way
Do offer a punter a very high E/W value, but that’s just for a
different day…