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In addition, what every planet and House mean. 

While a birth diagram (or natal outline) may look scary, it’s not that difficult to get it. If you’re inexperienced with what we’re discussing, a birth graph is your divine guide to yourself. No two are very similar. This is exclusively and totally yours—which is the reason it’s so close to home. 

So whether you’re into astrology or only curious about what your natal diagram says about you, beneath is a finished aide on the most proficient method to peruse your birth graph. 

How to peruse a birth graph: 

The main thing you’ll have to know is your birthday, time, year, and area. This data will help give you the “arranges” for your birth outline. You can enter them online at astrology zodiac sign free of charge to create your birth outline. 

Steps to peruse birth graph houses: 

When you have your birth graph, look for a wheel that is marked “AC.” This is your first House. Then, at that point, moving counterclockwise, you will go to your subsequent House, third House, etc. If you’re having issues discovering the houses, the numbers for them are noted within the wheel. 

What do the 12 places of the zodiac mean? 

Each House and planet situated in the House takes on specific energy. Let’s assume you have Neptune in the seventh place of partnerships; then, at that point, it’s suggested that you’d search for a profound partner. If you have Mercury in the eleventh House, then, at that point, that implies you love to talk with your companions the entire day. The 12 houses clarify different parts of your life, while the planets add character flavour. 

Once in a while, you’ll have a couple of planets in a single house (if they are in a similar zodiac sign, that is known as a Stellium). This implies that there’s a great deal of movement or accentuation in that specific region in your life. What’s more, on different occasions, you will not have planets in a few houses. Try not to stress! This doesn’t mean anything awful. It’s, in reality, normal. We as a whole have different diagrams—that is the thing that makes yours so exceptional. 

The houses: 

First House: 

Otherwise called the Ascendant (AC) or the rising sign, this is simply the House. It is generally the energy that others notice about you first. Likewise, the energy that you put into the world. 

Second House: 

This is the House of individual accounting records, material Item, and fearlessness. 

Third House: 

The third House addresses kin, correspondence, nearby travel, and early instruction. 

Fourth House 

Otherwise called Imum Coeli (IC—Latin for “lower part of the sky”), this is the House of home, individual qualities, customs, and family. 

Fifth House 

This is the House of kids, innovativeness, chances, fun, casual sex, and dating. 

Sixth House 

This is the House of ordinary regular exercises, health, and associates. 

Seventh House 

Likewise known at the Descendent, this is the House of partnerships, agreements, and open foes. 

Eighth House 

This is the House of sex for multiplication, change, duties, and obligation. 

Ninth House 

This is the House of advanced education, significant distance travel, the law, and reasoning. 

Tenth House 

Otherwise called the Midheaven or Medium Coeli (MC—Latin for “center sky”), this is the House of the profession and public standing. 

Eleventh House 

This House is about compassion, kinships, gatherings, classes, systems administration, expectations, and dreams. 

Twelfth House 

This is the House of undercover issue, enslavement, a mental and passionate health, jail, discipline, and mysteries. 

The planets: 

The sun 

Basically: The sun addresses your self-image and will. 

The moon 

The moon shows you your enthusiastic nature, recollections, and relationship with your direct maternal impact. 


This planet closely relates to correspondence, travel, news, and tattle. 


The planet Venus covers everything from affection to exotic nature to money to basic manners and food. 


Our sex drive, in general, energy levels, and how you stand up for yourself are related to this planet. 


This vaporous planet is related to karma, extension, care, and schooling. 


This ringed planet closely relates to limitations, rules, authority, and the relationship with your fundamental fatherly impact. 


As the “Incomparable Awakener,” Uranus shakes things up to make you fully aware of the issue. It’s likewise known to be related to development, mechanical advances, and shifts in cultural standards. 


Neptune is the planet of dreams, figments, genuine love, motivation, mystic dreams, and otherworldliness. 


This is the planet of change and development. On a terrible day, it can bring power battles and three-sided circumstances. 

The True or North Node of Destiny 

The karma you should incline toward during your current life can be challenging because it might feel new. 

The South Node of Destiny 

The karma you should relinquish from your previous existences, which is challenging to do because it feels natural to you.