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Beginner’s Guide to Options, Part 3 – Why Buy a Call Option?


Let’s listen in on a continuing verbal exchange between two pals about alternatives. In this installment, one buddy is making an attempt to give an explanation for to the opposite why any individual would possibly want to shop for a call choice.

Options involve danger and aren’t appropriate for all buyers.

The Conversation

JH: OK. So why purchase a call choice, specially why purchase an costly one? Remember when we had been speaking approximately the stock being at $130 and the $one hundred twenty name option having a premium of $10.70?

PE: Yes, I bear in mind.

JH: By paying the $10.70 per sell call option share, or $1070 per option contract, the decision option purchaser receives a deal on shopping the inventory. They should purchase one hundred stocks at $10 below the going rate, in order that they keep $one thousand on their inventory buy, but they paid $1070 for the proper to try this. It sounds a net lack of $70. Why is this an amazing concept?

PE: Initially, it does appear like a stupid concept. The question is what will happen to the charge of the stock all through the lifespan of the option. A name choice client believes that the inventory goes to head up, ideally go up dramatically. Suppose the decision option purchaser makes her buy, known as purchase to open at 10:00 am on Monday the 4th. During the day, the stock climbs $0.97 to close at $a hundred thirty.Ninety seven. On Tuesday the inventory is up a further $0.Sixty eight. It falls $0.25 on Wednesday. Thursday is a superb day, and the stock rises to $133.Fifty four! The option is now really worth at the least $13.Fifty four, the precise difference among the present day stock fee and the strike rate of $one hundred twenty. So, our call alternative client changed into right in her belief that the stock become going to head up. She sold the decision choice for $10.70, and handiest 4 days later it is worth $13.Fifty four. That’s a 26% increase!

JH: 26%! That’s amazing! What if the stock had long past to $a hundred and forty? She might have doubled her cash, proper?

PE: Yes, it really is proper. If the inventory is going up from $one hundred thirty to $140, then the choice top rate can have gone from $10.70 to at the least $20, almost a double. Notice that the stock price most effective improved with the aid of 7.7%. Buying a call alternative gives you leverage. A fairly small flow by means of the underlying instrument can result in a big benefit for the call alternative consumer.

JH: So how does the customer coins in on her 26% gain? Does she must wait until the choice expires, after which buy the stock at $a hundred and twenty, and sell it at the market rate?

PE: No, she does not must wait till expiration, and surely she probably should not. If the 26% seems true to her, she must take her profits proper away. The stock ought to start taking place at any time, wherein case the income could fade away.

JH: So, she at once physical activities her right to shop for, gets the stock for $a hundred and twenty, after which sells it on the cutting-edge rate of $133.54?

PE: She should do it that manner, however it isn’t always essential. Options may be traded any time the marketplace is open. She may want to really promote her choice to any person else and get hold of the present day top rate of $13.Fifty four, or $1354 for the complete agreement.

JH: Does that flip her into a name choice vendor?

PE: No, no longer really. She is promoting to shut an current option function.

JH: Who bought the decision option?

PE: Somebody else. It does not genuinely count number. It may be any person who thinks the inventory goes up even higher before expiration. It will be a call alternative vendor, doing a buy to close, due to the fact he is changed his mind and doesn’t need to need to sell his inventory. It may be a market maker.

JH: Well 26% return in just 4 days is top notch! I’m going to head purchase some name options right away.

PE: WAIT! Bad matters can manifest too! What if the inventory is going down, as opposed to going up? If the inventory is down to $127.50 after 4 days, then the choice top rate can have fallen to approximately $7.85. In that case, the decision option customer has a loss of 27% in just four days. Unfortunately, leverage is like that. When you’re right you may make numerous cash right away, however whilst you’re wrong you may lose a LOT of money in no time.

JH: Right! I wager I need to select the underlying instrument and the market situations very carefully.

PE: Absolutely! So is it getting any clearer? Do you now apprehend why a person would need to buy a call choice?

JH: Yes, I assume so. You buy a name alternative whilst you think that the underlying device is going to move up during the lifestyles of the option.

PE: Good. That’s the basic motive. There are other motives. For example, if any individual has offered a inventory quick, they also purchase a name, for protection, in case they are wrong about the stock taking place. It limits their losses. Alternatively, shopping for a specific call choice could be part of a bigger, extra complicated alternate. Complex alternative trades like that are clearly a tale for every other day…

Pamela Eng is financially independent! Neither she nor her husband have a activity. They stay modestly from the income that Pamela earns buying and selling alternatives. Pamela has written a e-book about her trading techniques, called Perpetual Money Machine. Occasionally, she offers talks, and teaches a at some point seminar on the identical